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MosBuild Magazine #11

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(декабрь 2013 - февраль 2014)

Представляем Вам электронный журнал MosBuild Magazine, ежеквартальный журнал о крупнейшей в Европе ежегодной общестроительной выставке и главных событиях строительной и интерьерной отрасли.

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Архитектура - Строительство - Дизайн - Декор


Огромные трубы, окрашенные в яркие цвета, превращены в своеобразный декор фасада. Центр Пампиду, вывернутый "внутренностями наружу", стал визитной карточкой Парижа и…



MosBuild 20 лет - строим будущее вместе!

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В апреле 2014 г. состоится юбилейная строительная и интерьерная выставка MosBuild.



Cersanex Magazine #3

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Dear friends,
Welcome to the third issue of CERSANEX Magazine.

In this issue, we look at practical design solutions that create a comfortable and safe environment for all. The achievements of industrial design for people with special needs are presented in the section entitled CERSANEX +. Many of these products have been awarded the prestigious red dot design award.

In exclusive interviews, representatives of leading companies talk about their new products, and about the development of the industry and Russian market.

The issue focuses on the emotional world of the Italian architect and designer Fabio Novembre, a master of mosaic interiors and exclusive products. The theme of designer collections is continued by recognised leaders in global design: Carlo Dal Bianco, Barnaba Fornazetti, Matteo Thun, Marcel Wanders, and Ludovica and Roberto Palomba.

A unity of aesthetics and practical design is created in infinity pool projects, which imitate open space. In the magazine, we report on a landscape project of a private home in Bicton, Australia, where an infinity pool plays a leading role, as well as on an interesting design solution for a spa hotel in Greece.

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MosBuild’s 20th edition sets the industry pace

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October 2013

For immediate release

MosBuild’s 20th edition sets the industry pace


In April 2014 the 20th edition of MosBuild - Russia’s largest building and interiors exhibition, will be held across Moscow’s exhibition venues, Expocentre and V.V.C.


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