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In ancient Krinides, the crossroad of centuries, where from ancient times until today cultures meet, nowdays reverently observing the traditional formulary under the ancient Acropolis of Philippi at the foot of Orvilos, the tradition of taste meets and continues with quality that carries us to other sweeter times. Times when love and generosity was the flame of creation. So today we do not start but continue traditional recipes of our country, putting our own stamp.
Just a single tablespoon is enough to feel that the products surrounded by the experience and care of Donna Anastasia do not resemble any other you have tried so far. The fresh fruit, chosen with care, and the original materials of local producers and beekeepers create a unique, delicious and rich taste, an unforgettable experience. Of course, all our products as required by tradition, are made without preservatives, dyes or other chemicals. They are so pure, as very few in our time.

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  • Produkte: Sirupfrüchte
  • Art des Unternehmens: Lebensmittelunternehmen
  • Präfektur : Kavala

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